City of Silver

Nine-Channel-Video/ Two-Channel-Sound/exhbition-Aktionsraum Heller als das Licht

A somnambul exploration of the district Silberhöhe in Halle/Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Through fictitious, stylized, abstract and stringently framed  pictures the video installation create a different image of the almost forgotten skyscraper district.

The installation “city of silver” in the art space  “Heller als das Licht” took place in two rooms on two floors. In the upper floor there are four Screens and two projections that form each one a kind of station of always a different place in the district. The Places are Locations of different characters, that enact seemingly ordinary rituals. They appear like substitutions of memories – monotonly practiced actions. The places in the film images are expanded to the real installation space and can be entered by the observer. Only the big projection, where a small girl walks through the district, sometimes following a man with a metall detector, is not a place in the room.

In the basement there are two monitors, where you can see two spaces with varied structures, in which a performer explores the room/installation. Behind these monitors, on a big projection, you see the destruction of houses in the same district and a young man walking through the maintenance tunnels of the houses.

ktionsraum „Heller als das Licht“, Leipzig
3-10min Loops
Nine-Channel-Video/ Two-Channel-Sound/4:3 HD, colour
shooting location
Silberhöhe, Halle/Saale
Wäschestangen, Bettlaken, Pflastersteine, Kommode, Kreidespray, Zinkblech
Selma Bukowsky, Sonja Schrader,  Tillmann Spiesecke, Gert Drehmann, Karsten Hackbarth,  Robert Kunec, Theo Müller
Johanna Roggan
Ray Peter Maletzki
Stephan Helmut Beier
funded by
Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt