As an artist and filmmaker of German-Iraqi descent, I explore the boundaries between
documentary and fictional filmmaking, within feature length films and video installations.
In my work, the imaginative or fabular becomes a poetic and essential expansion of the documentary material.
I delve into various perspectives and cosmogonies, using cinematic tools to engage, learn,
and discover new forms of exchange, knowledge production, and experience.

I also work as a camera person and editor in various independent productions. For more information please contact me.

I am part of the FILZ Collective and serve as a co-curator for the biennial
Expanded Media Festival paradoks in Leipzig.
Additionally, I collaborate with the artistic-educational collective RAMPE.

You can find more information about my work and collaborations at the following websites:

FILZ Collective:
Expanded Media Festival paradoks:
RAMPE Collective:

instagram: geenan37